About Us

Hey Y’all! Koch’s General Store is a fun shop full of unique food products and local finds. Our Bakers work every morning to make the very best Homemade breads, Cinnamon Rolls, Pies, Cupcakes and other goods. The Deli is full of amazing and hard to find meat & cheese such as Butter Cheese, Brick Cheese, Lightning Jack, Lacy Baby Swiss, Sweet Lebanon Bologna, Cajun Turkey, Kettle Chicken and the very best Pastrami! Try a sandwich made with our soft homemade bread, or choose your favorite meat & cheese to add to our salad featuring homemade dressings.

At Koch’s it’s our goal to be the friendliest stop of your day- that’s why we take such pride in our staff. Koch’s is staffed by amazingly friendly and knowledgeable staff. Want to know which cheese is hotter, Caroline Reaper or The Scorpion- ask Mary- our deli manager; she’s amazing behind the deli and with over 35 years of deli experience she'll give you the best cheese & meat recommendations! Need to put together a gift basket- Bev is your girl- she can design the best gifts and stay within your budget. Thinking about a special baked good for your next get together- Nova can bake anything and it will be amazing! Can't decide between a iced latte or a Caramel Kochaccino- our Coffee Manager Jordyn can answer all of your coffee shop questions- Our staff are our biggest assets and we’re so happy they are sharing their talents with Macon through Kochs!

We love what we do, preparing amazing food, with the best staff for an incredibly supportive community is the best job we can imagine. Stop in for some local honey, dark chocolate covered coffee beans, check our huge selection of candies, or grab a cinnamon roll- a stop at Koch’s is always worth it! It’s so, soo good!